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The Law Office of Melodie V. Shuler, Esq. & Associates is a full service law office.  The law office’s mission is to provide clients with confidence in knowing that they have an advocate working for their behalf. It is our vision to not only work for a client on one particular case but also serve as long-term representatives of the client on various legal matters. When a client walks into our office, we want them to know that we will work hard for their, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”


We are not the average full service law office.  We believe in the importance of giving back to the community and assisting individuals who because of financial inability may have difficulty in receiving legal services.

The Law Office of Melodie V. Shuler, Esq. & Associates provides legal representation to UB1 Power’s programs. UB1 Power was founded by Melodie V. Shuler, Esq. in 2003. The programs It Only Takes One (IOTO), Aspiring Lawyers Up and Coming, Urban Poets Up and Coming (UPUC), Metropolitan Organization Education and Constitutional Awareness (MOECA), Justice First For All, and the Fatherhood Movement were founded by Melodie V. Shuler, Esq. I CARE -YOUTH & COMMUNITY RESOLUTION MOVEMENT(YCRM) was founded by Melvin Delaney in 1999.  

One of our goals is an effort to provide legal services in communities traditionally underrepresented with legal representation. This firm will provide first-rate services for all families and individuals for reasonable fees.  Our fees under UB1 Power's programs are: 

Representation in Court:.
Criminal Misdemeanor: $750.00 – $1500.00
Criminal Felony: $1500.00 – $ 5000.00
Traffic: $550.00
DUI: $750.00
Child Support; $755.00
Child Custody: $1050.00
Domestic Violence $450.00 – $850.00
Divorce: Uncontested: $1250.00
Contested: $1850.00
Landlord and Tenant: $650.00
(an additional $155.00 per hearing may apply)

Traditional Services:
Small Business Corporation: $675.00
Business Incorporation: $850.00
Non-Profit Incorporation: $950.00
Trademark: $850.00
(These fees apply to individuals who qualify for services using UB1 Power’s minimum qualification system, based on a variety of factors including income, access to other legal alternatives, and the type of litigation that is being sought or defended. Fees may be higher for persons with incomes are above the federal poverty guidelines.)